Siren 12V – large


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New, WW2 style vintage siren.  12V
Die cast aluminium body and front grill. All, painted in military green, but can be over painted to match the colour of your vehicle if required.
Approx 5 inches in diameter and 9 inches front to back. One pic shows the siren against a standard drinks can to give you an idea of the scale.
Its LOUD and rated at 116dB!
A period Federal siren metal data plate is included. It is flat and you will need to gentle curve to match the profile of the body to get it to fit correctly. You can then either screw or pop rivet it in place (fixings not included). Also included is a data plate with the voltage to match the one you have selected.
A siren push button in black is included. It goes in a 16mm hole.
It also has a metal siren button date plate included that you could stick on the dash of your vehicle and then mount the button through it! (the siren button screws into pace and that will hold the data plate in place)

Made in the EU